Stone disease


Department of Stone Disease

Every single part of our body has an important role in living a healthy and easy life. Therefore, it is our duty to take proper care of each and every part. Kidney’s role in our body is also commendable. But due to irregular or unbalanced diet along with some bad habits, some issues like kidney cancer, kidney stone, and kidney failure may occur in our kidney. Non- functioning of the kidney may lead to numerous health issues like less, urination, urine infection, blood with urination, and more.

Kidney patients who are suffering from a painful situation may live happily as we have some very good kidney cancer specialists in Meerut. Meerut Urologist are one of those kidney specialists. He is highly experienced in treating patients who require kidney stone surgery. Do not waste your time in searching for the best kidney doctor here and there. You will get a one-stop solution here as he also deals with sexual and urological disease.